Monday, June 28, 2010

Babies on the Brain and more

It is so hot here. We have a heat warning in the Boston area, saying that between the heat and humidity it will easily feel 100 degrees.
At least there's a decent breeze.
The bad bit is that there are also warnings of thunderstorms.
To swim or not to swim, that is the question!

One friend is coming over after work, probably about 2pm, to spend some time in the pool. Another friend is coming over closer to 5. Fiance will be home around 6, and if it's still so hot, he'll join us.
But the landlord has several people in the pool at the moment, and being a chunker, I'm embarrassed of going out to the pool, in a bathing suit, on my own. At least if I bring a fat friend, I'm not alone.
Isn't that an awful way to view things? I feel like I'm really missing out on the summer.

On another note, I finally ordered The Everything Getting Pregnant Book. It cost me a whopping $4.11 through Amazon.
I'm excited to receive it. Hopefully it won't take too long.

I also have the following books on my want-to-buy list:

Before Your Pregnancy

The Infertility Survival Handbook

Taking Charge of Your Fertility

Boost Your Fertility

Infertility Survival Guide

The Mother of All Pregnancy Books

and for some comic relief:


A Few Good Eggs

Our first appointment with Mass General Hospital's fertility specialist is July 15th. I'm quite excited, and also very worried about what we'll be told.
Long and short of it:
Fiance had cancer as a kid, and as a result, has low count, low motility, and not high testosterone.
I have never been like clockwork, then had a total thyroidectomy after papillary carcinoma, and get my "monthly visit" only, what, 3 to 4 times per year? Recent blood test for PCOS was negative, so I'm not giving up hope.

On yet another note, I've been thinking of creating separate Etsy stores; one for my nicer jewelry, and one for my "candy shop" resin things. It seems that my store has been overrun with the resin things, to the point of where nobody even notices my "nicer" things anymore.
But the dilemma with this is that I have marketing material (postcards, banners, car magnets, small magnets, business cards, etc.) all printed and in use that state I make all types of items. I don't currently have the funds to list all new items and reprint all these materials.
So I'm torn.
Ah, well. More next time!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Giveaway time!

I'm doing a fun "threadkiller" giveaway on the Etsy forums.

Click here to join in and have a chance of winning a custom-made resin keychain or necklace!

It takes literally seconds to enter.

The Evil Empires

It's been happening a while now. Big box companies are weeding out the independant artisan. For everything from furniture to knicknacks, someone in the past used to base their life around creating these items.
Whether a necessity such a soap, or makeup and adornments, these items used to be handcrafted with love and care, time and patience by an individual or family that specialized in creating these items.
Then came stores.
And worse, then came the big stores. Imported items from poorer countries, purchased in bulk for pennies a piece, and sold at prices that the individual cannot compete with.
Need jewelry for a special event? Well, you can pay someone thousands to custom create a one of a kind piece, or even try your hand at creating a beaded piece yourself. Or, you can run down to Claire's and get some things with their buy-two-get-one-free sale or their 10-for-$5 rack and try your luck.

Now, as someone who often struggles to make ends meet, I understand. I'm going to buy what's on sale; what's readily available. I wait until I have a virtually empty container before I run to Target and buy more of something. If I need lotion or face wash, I usually need it today, and can't pay extra for shipping and wait four days for it to arrive.

But what irks me the most is when big companies blatantly steal from the little guy. The little guy usually will just sigh and move along. They don't have the funds for hiring lawyers; and besides, the big company has altered the item the necessary 20% to keep themselves free of copyright infringement suits.
So while your idea was fantastic, they added a bow and made a 1" hem to counter your 2" one. And voilĂ . Your original creation is mass-marketed. And worse, they're producing in Taiwan and so selling theirs at a price you can't even buy your materials for.

At this point, I find myself at a loss of even what to do. Besides better my product, my marketing, my materials, and my photos, that is.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Lost, anyone?

Episode of Lost just watched.
The ending is messed up. o_O

Season 3, episode 14

Wow. I just started watching the show a few weeks ago. I'd say I've watched a lot.
Maybe I should slow down? I'm going to be sad when it's all over.
It's disappointing already that I can't go online and research backstories, chat on theories and such, and anticipate next week's episode.
I've made the mistake already of reading spoilers when innocently looking up for clarification on information already known.
Oh, well.
But so now I can't look at any sites. If I missed something, I can only rewind, or hope I'll be filled in on my questions.

On another note, I've had a depressing day on the design front. My 2-inch heart mold broke, slicing an L-shaped gash on my fingertip. I also forgot to use mold release, and so the resin may be permanently adhered to some of my pieces. What's worse is that I was fulfilling custom orders.
Why couldn't this have happened on just a design I wanted to play around with? Bleh.
And now I just placed an order. The "Something Fabulous" soap molds are the only ones I've found that are that perfect heart shape and size, and those can only be purchased at Hobby Lobby. Luckily they were having a shipping deal, but heck, I'd have paid $10 just to have had it today. I hate being late on orders. It makes me feel like a bad businesswoman. :[

C'est la vive though, right?

Some of my Etsy favorites

My first favorite find on Etsy. Unfortunately, it's not for sale anymore, and I don't own it. Which is sad.
Did I mention I love Doctor Who? Because I really, really love Doctor Who. To the point of where my fiance is jealous of David Tennant.

I love how this just looks like it's glowing. Isn't it gorgeous?

Not only is DirtyAssSoaps's name awesome, but the she-side of the team is awesome, too. Their soaps smell fantastic, and are just awesome to look at.

As a fan of the Sex Pistols, this rocks my socks off.

Too cute for words.


I'm not very good with keeping up with blogs. Let's hope that perhaps this will change.

I haven't a specific aim for this blog at the moment, but I would like to develop it into something fun.
I poke about on Etsy, Cake Wrecks, AFP, lamebook (just for fun), I create classy jewelry and funky resin jewelry as well, I love cartoons and silly, cute things. I try hard to be organized, but am a natural clutterbug. I have too much of a sweet tooth, and I have a love for photography. Perhaps some day I'll get my hands on a proper camera.
Oh, and I'm currently "catching up" on Lost. Which means, since the show is over, that I'm watching the show like crazy. (For the first time; no spoilers, please!)

I'll be posting fun Etsy finds, things I find awful or amusing or utterly adorable...links, updates, life stories...just about anything.

Hopefully I'll be posting things that actually entertain.

Bear with me; I'm new.