Saturday, June 19, 2010

Some of my Etsy favorites

My first favorite find on Etsy. Unfortunately, it's not for sale anymore, and I don't own it. Which is sad.
Did I mention I love Doctor Who? Because I really, really love Doctor Who. To the point of where my fiance is jealous of David Tennant.

I love how this just looks like it's glowing. Isn't it gorgeous?

Not only is DirtyAssSoaps's name awesome, but the she-side of the team is awesome, too. Their soaps smell fantastic, and are just awesome to look at.

As a fan of the Sex Pistols, this rocks my socks off.

Too cute for words.


  1. Cute blog.... I am your first follower. GOOD LUCK

  2. Really cute finds, now following your blog :)